Zodiac Signs Defined in One Word

Aries: Inventive

Since Aries is the first zodiac sign, they have more experience than anybody else at making a strong first impression

Taurus: Unwavering

The Taurean zodiac sign is the most consistent and trustworthy. Anyone who makes a promise to you can rest assured that they will receive the promised outcome

Gemini: Clever

The zodiac sign of Gemini is known as the sociable, lovely butterfly. You have an uncanny ability to detect the mood of a room and fit in with virtually anyone.

Cancer: Intuitive

You are in tune with your emotions, allowing you to understand other people and spot the truth before they do. Your third eye is more developed than those of any other zodiac sign. 


Leo: Animated

People are drawn to you because of your friendly demeanour and natural extroversion, and they can't help but laugh at your hilarious jokes. 

Virgo: Savvy

You can quickly process large amounts of information and respond to new situations with confidence. 

Libra: Lively

Whether you're engaging in a heated debate with a group of friends or thrusting yourself headfirst into a new circumstance, your energy is contagious. 

Sagittarius: Complicated

Once someone has earned your trust, though, nothing can shake your undying devotion to them


Sagittarius: Expansive

You're the type of person that can't sit still for very long and is constantly challenging themselves to grow as people, as professionals, and as explorers. 

Capricorn: Tenacious

If you want to get anything done, others may believe you're greedy or power-hungry, but what you really want is success.

Aquarius: Eccentric

Some things pique your curiosity because of how unusual they are. In fact, you find the peculiar, the wacky, and the unconventional to be the most fascinating of all things.

Pisces: Expressive

A necessary part of the creative process is releasing one's innermost thoughts and emotions into the world. 

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