USA's Most Popular Family Recipes

Indiana: Shrimp Cocktail

Due to Indianapolis' Elmo Steakhouse's trademark dish, shrimp cocktail is a popular option in Indiana. Secret? The cocktail sauce contains eye-watering horseradish.

Illinois: Deep-Dish Pizza

Everyone knows Chicago loves deep-dish pizza, but it's so popular that it's available across the state. It's a family must-try.

Idaho: Tater Tots

Idaho's potato dishes abound! However, potato state residents adore and value their children. Make nachos, casseroles, or eat them plain.

Hawaii: Poke

Diced raw fish is delicious, particularly in Hawaii. It's a must-try appetiser or main meal in Hawaii. Yellowfin tuna, soy sauce, seaweed, and chilli pepper are traditional.


Georgia: Grits

 You never lived! Grits are popular in Georgia and spreading overseas. They were breakfast favourites prepared with cornmeal.

Florida: Conch Fritters

Florida loves conch fritters, too. Conch flesh, peppers, garlic, and flour are cooked into crispy fritters. You're honeymooning after a lime margarita.

Delaware: Creamed Chipped Beef

 Dried meat in creamy white sauce. It's usually poured over toast or English muffins with Worcestershire sauce or spices.


Connecticut: Grinders

According to legend, Connecticut's shipyard welders and "grinders" popularised the sandwich. Why are they good? Wicked good? Italian lunch meats with plenty of olive oil.

Colorado: Elk Sausage

Colorado loves elk. Why not? Western Colorado's elk population is healthy! Luckily, consumers appreciate the tasty meat, particularly in elk sausage with jalapenos.

California: Avocado Toast

California was the avocado toast capital of the globe before it became popular. Still, Californians may get avocado toast with spices, tomato, bacon, and more!

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