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Top dog breeds in America

Collies have always been family pets. They're known for their patience with difficult toddlers. They'll require exercise, but if you offer them the same love and care they give you.


Weimaraners are determined, steadfast dogs that'll think they're part of your group the moment you bring one home. 


Not a German shepherd! The Belgian Malinois is smart and loyal, but smaller and slimmer. To stay active, it will need a large yard and a human friend.

Belgian Malinois


Ridgebacks killed lions in Africa but now eat couches and grass. If you train these dogs, they'll love you forever.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Bichon Frises, once sailing dogs, now prefer laps. If you allow them, the small, fuzzy white dogs will get into mischief, but they'll be happy with lots of pats and cuddles.

Bichons Frises

 West Highland Terriers aren't as patient as kids, but they'll keep you busy if you train them for a show or pleasure.

West Highland White Terriers


Since becoming popular in the West, the curly-tailed Shiba Inu has risen. Shibas are confident and adaptable from Japan.


As a puppy, the smart and emotionally complex dog will keep you busy, but they will be a lifelong friend to anyone ready to work.

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

Akitas are devoted, dignified dogs who can be goofy with loved ones. They'll love you but leave a lot of fur and drool.


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