Top 10 American retirement cities

New Mexico's biggest metropolis has several Native American museums and the world's largest hot-air balloon festival.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Retirees seeking a more relaxed, bustling evening might visit the Riverwalk, with miles of shops, restaurants, and theatres.

San Antonio, Texas

Kansas City, Missouri's biggest city, has numerous senior activities and a cheap cost of living that keeps seniors in-state and attracts retirees.

Kansas City, Missouri

Social Security, pensions, and retirement account withdrawals are not taxed in Texas. Live music, nightlife, and restaurants are hallmarks of Austin. 

Austin, Texas


"It's impossible to determine whether recent retirees or their grandkids like St. Louis more," says. 

St. Louis, Missouri

With Baptist Health Lexington, a five-star hospital in the middle of bluegrass country, Kiplinger recommends retiring there for health reasons.

Lexington, Kentucky

The Journal notes that Durham's mild environment is ideal for elders seeking to escape the harsh northern winters.

Durham, NC


Louisville, home to the Kentucky Derby, offers seniors horse races, city activity, and acres of green grass. Niche ranks it C- for crime and safety, like Indiana. 

Louisville, Kentucky

Jazz festivals, museums, and zoos lure the elderly to California's capital, site of the Gold Rush and Pony Express. 

Sacramento, California

A "burgeoning social scene helps make this cheap tiny town appealing to seniors," yet Nebraska taxes Social Security payments, unlike other states

Omaha, Nebraska

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