The Perfect Flower for Your Star Sign

Pisces: Water Lilies

 Your creative mind and easygoing nature make you a great people-pleaser; after all, Neptune is the ruler of Pisces.

Aquarius: Bird Of Paradise

The magnificent bird of paradise flower is the perfect floral accessory since it symbolises the free spirit and individuality that you embody.

Capricorn: Pansies

Though you may not always be the quickest or most arrogant, your commitment to excellence always pays dividends. 

Sagittarius: Carnations

Having a positive outlook and a sense of humour allows you to remain curious and excited about life.


Scorpio: Hibiscus

It may take some time and persuasion to get to know you as a person since, as a perceptive water sign, you tend to be reserved at first.

Libra: Bluebells

You have a knack for inspiring the confidence and trust of people, and you're determined to use these skills to achieve great things.

Virgo: Daisies

You are well-liked by your peers for your unflappable demeanour and infectious positivity, and for the considerateness with which you treat others.

Leo: Sunflowers

Sun-ruled Leo is all about letting loose and expressing one's individuality, since the sun is a symbol of the ego and the aspirations of the heart.


Cancer: White Roses

You prefer to create a calm and soothing environment that embraces you like a warm blanket.

Gemini: Lavender

You're most at peace when you can speak your mind freely, and you regard every day as a challenge to be overcome and a new adventure to be had.

Taurus: Foxglove Flowers

You have a taste for the good things in life, but you're not seeking glory or acclaim.

Aries: Tulips

Infecting others around you with your positive attitude and bold self-assurance, you make a difference in people's lives. 

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