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Complements Your Zodiac Sign

The Color That Best 

This "energetic, lively, and dazzling sign wears red to emphasise these attributes," as astrologer and creator of Trusted Astrology Maria Hayes puts it.

Aries: Red

Taurus, an earth sign, will feel even more at one with nature thanks to this shade.

Taurus: Green

They wear a lot of yellow because it represents their optimistic and joyful personalities

Gemini: Yellow

Pisces person's "calming presence would always be magnified if they were in the colour blue" since this sign is recognised as the ideal homebody of the zodiac.

Cancer: Sky Blue


hey are ruled by the Sun, thus they can brighten any space with their positive energy and enthusiasm.

Leo: Orange

In addition, Virgos are known for their meticulousness, and grey is a hue that can be worn with almost everything.

Virgo: Gray

Pink is ideal for Libras because "it signifies love, joy, purity, pleasure, romance, and gives soothing and peace to relationships.

Libra: Light Pink

"It is a no-brainer that their hue is black," given their preference for the shadows and the unknown. 

Scorpio: Black


Hayes says they may "arrive at certain truths about themselves and the world" with the help of the royal hue purple

Sagittarius: Purple

Since it is "no-nonsense" and will make people feel "more confidence in their ability to get the job done," navy blue is Hayes's top colour choice.

Capricorn: Navy Blue

To to Hayes, "not only do we feel more comfortable but also calm and collected regardless of the scenario" when they wear this hue.

Aquarius: Aqua

The calming hue of lavender not only encourages their imagination, but also helps children unwind while they daydream about their next exciting experience.

Pisces: Lavender

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