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Sad Cat Won't Leave Mom

 We just can't bear to be apart from our furry family members. We still feel sad whenever we have to leave them behind, even if it's just for a short time

Saying goodbye when you have to go for a few days is the most difficult part. They anticipate the pain, and it still hurts.

TikTok user @dontstopmeowing experienced this identical thing. She had to leave quickly for her flight, so she was bidding goodbye to her cat, Chase. 


 Incredibly, he was squeezing her even tighter. Watching this will break your heart into a million pieces since we've all been there.

Ah, poor little Chase. When he saw his mother packing up to leave, he felt a crushing sense of loss. We don't know how she managed to hold back the tears; we're inconsolable and it's not even our cat.

As @m3mesboi put it, "I'm bawling so bad when he said, 'No.'" SAME! The answer was an emphatic negative from him. In his mind, even a single day without his mother was too much to bear.


But how dare she treat him like that! Even @tikkimarie said, "I would cancel my flight right away." When you have a cute, cuddly cat like this one, you won't need to go anywhere.

A second TikToker, @ramblinjenny, summed it up best: "They truly are our children." Of course, we wouldn't have it any other way! Tragic Refusal of Cat to Leave Mother

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