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After a viral video of Smile reacting to her rescue family came home, people were moved.

Smile's family posted a video on TikTok last Sunday under the nickname Stephsayitall of the terrier mix waving her tail and smiling at her rescuers.

The touching description reads: "We returned to Smile in bed after two hours! She left quarantine early!" "I don't know how I'll let her go!"


The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals reports that 3.1 million companion dogs enter U.S. animal shelters annually, down from 3.9 million in 2011.

390,000 shelter dogs are euthanized annually, but this figure is reducing due to more animals being adopted and returned to their owners.

2 million shelter dogs are adopted annually, while 710,000 strays are returned to their owners. The TikTok video has 117,200 views and 29,000 likes from animal lovers.


Bookluver wrote, "I would never give up this puppy." "I will have a bakers dozen of her please!" replied Meaghan theee scallion.

"Omw, that would equal a foster fail for me & worth it," commented Elizabeth Ramos6573. Chicosma: "Precious. She'll last! Home."

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