People Love Cat's "Ping Pong Referee" Job.

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This cat doesn't play. Every cat owner knows that cats love batting around a ball, until it gets stuck under the refrigerator and becomes your cat toy graveyard

One cat family added a rec room, and their cat is happier than ever.


See how @TikTok account holder @MrMiloTheChonk's lovely cat is now the most sought-after ping pong scorekeeper and referee in the home!

Milo plays ping-pong like Forrest Gump. @TarieanneWilliams Rosa says, "I may die from the Bunny Kicks! Adorable." Love bunny kicks. 


@Torika shames Milo, "Ping-pong pudge. We love Milo's pudge." LOL! Ping-pong is great exercise. "He's not the most athletic but he tried his best” Same Milo, same," @Stephanie feels for Milo.

Now his owners just need to train Milo the cat to fetch and recover ping pong balls!

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