New Kitten's Quest to Be House Cat's Best Friend


Charlie Hernan, who lives in Devon, southwest England, reveals in the viral TikTok movie that one of her cats died, so she got a new kitten to keep her other cat company.

The ginger-and-white kitten's owner strokes him as the video begins. A bigger tabby comes but backs away and hisses while meeting the new family member.

Close, the kitty shakes as he sits next to a plant pot. The kitten was malnourished, according to Hernan.

The video description stated: "After our cat died, we purchased a kitten to give her a playmate. He was loathed by our cat. He snarled at him for nearly a week.


DandiestCat remarked, "He was maybe still mourning, but very delighted to see he warmed up."

Keep the cats in different rooms at first. To assist their new cat get acquainted to the resident cat's smell, owners should offer them everything they've lay on.

Added the charity: "The resident cat may sniff beneath the door of the new animal's chamber. The cats' anticipation may make their first meeting a relief."


When the new pet has settled, push the room door open about an inch so the cats can see each other.

After that, introduce people. The organisation stated: "If you don't have a spacious pen, have a friend or family member assist you introduce your new cat. 

While you're with your current cat, your buddy should open your new cat's chamber door. If the cats behave, give them a treat.