Meowing in "panic" after paw becomes stuck

After going viral on social media, a video of a cat getting her paw caught in a drawer while almost going unnoticed by her owner has won over hearts online.

The cat can be seen straining to recover her paw from the drawer while her owner films her, thinking she was about to open the drawer instead.

When the owner learns that her pet is genuinely having difficulty, she immediately goes to assist her.

The viewers noticed a drawing as the owner opened her desk drawer to free the cat, and they recognised Umbreon from Pokemon as the figure in the painting.


"Thought I was getting a cute video of her opening the drawer," the caption for the picture says. Then comes: "In the end, she was trapped. She is presently doing OK, hehe."

Web MD claims that although cats enjoy hiding in drawers and feel safe in confined spaces, they are also highly dangerous because cats can quickly become caught and hurt while attempting to do so.

You should use childproof latches on any cabinets containing dangerous chemicals, they advise, and try to keep all of your drawers closed.

The video received over 5.4 million views and 880,000 likes so far, immediately drawing in animal lovers from all over the globe.


You sketched Umbreon a little too well, said one user, iLLixer. "THATS NOT WHAT I EXPECTED TO BE IN THERE," the f***ing birds cried. The umbreon jumpscare, Sawa continued.

The meow as she opened the drawer, Elena wrote. Help the noise the cat made as you opened the drawer, Lovers continued.

Cookie wrote: "The help me meow and panic," while lun777i added: "The panic in his voice." "The first time I saw a person helping instead of continuing with recording," Evelyn continued.

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