Laughter at Hungry Dachshund Stomping Her Foot.

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A video of a sausage dog named Nelly acting silly at dinner time went viral on social media, making everyone laugh.

The dog's owner, Nellyandnancy sausagesis, posted the video on TikTok on Saturday, showing the "sassy" dachshund stomping thrice on the sofa and giving her owner a "eye twitch" like a hungry toddler.

"As if my dog stomped her foot like a stroppy child because she's hungry," the humorous clip's description reads. In the comments, they disclosed that Nelly does this every day at 4 p.m.


Hill's Pets advises against spoiling pets if it harms their health. Instead, find other methods to show your devotion.

They're spoilt if you always carry them when they're tired, which encourages sloth and could harm their health

Instead, they recommend treating your dog on a long walk or playing indoors or at a local park or field if they're healthy.


Spoiling your dog with food may harm them. Overfeeding your dog can cause obesity and other health issues.

Hill's Pets recommends 10% of your dog's daily calories for treats. "Don't feed them human food without your vet's approval."

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