Dog Gets Used to Human Baby Sibling

Nothing is more endearing than watching dogs connect with animals who are smaller than them, and this lovely video submitted by TikTok user @Chanithedoodle is no exception.

Check out the following to discover how quickly these pals became close within just two weeks, despite Chani's fear of the infant and her tendency to hide from her. 

It's very comforting.
How adorable are these two? comments from @Rebeccalowrey "I adore the gentle, head-down movement.

Even at such an early age, Baby has a heart of gold. I suppose we are already familiar with her talent." Adds @Nickyelizabethprice: "The sweetest video ever.


And I adore how much your child enjoys having your dog lick her neck. These two make a lovely duo."

replies @Chambrayblue, "Beautiful!! Additionally, you have instilled kindness and gentleness in your little child, so this is a fantastic match."

The American Kennel Club advises giving your dog enough room to adjust, both physically and mentally, before introducing a dog to a kid.

Give your dog some time in the kennel with a good chewie when things get chaotic or out of control.


Take things slowly and treat your dog with respect; before long, you'll discover that you two are best friends for life.

Nothing is more special than the relationship between children and their dogs!

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