Cute and Clever Cat Breeds


Complex cats are fun. If we sleep in, they paw at our faces and meow, seeking food. After a long absence, they can be affectionate but distant.

How smart is your cat?

Cats have about 250 million neurons  in their cerebral cortex, the region of the brain that solves problems, makes decisions, and develops complicated behaviour like purring.

Do cats have high IQs?

Russian blues are among the sharpest cat breeds, and they're more likely to train you than the other way around.

1. Russian blue

This beautiful cat seems like it came from the forest. It resembles a cougar with its forward-tilting ears, almond-shaped eyes, and beautiful coat.

2. Abyssinian


This unique beauty's happiness depends on improving its mental and physical skills.

3. Egyptian mau

This bright breed loves to entertain its resident people so much that it often checks to make sure someone is watching

4. Burmese

It's astonishing when the smartest cat breeds can learn new skills and have emotional intelligence.

5. American bobtail


Unknown cat breeds are often the smartest. A unusual cat breed is the Japanese bobtail. Every Japanese bobtail has a distinctive tail.

6. Japanese bobtail

According to Dr. Andino, the Siamese is smart and loves to learn. It will discover its own engaging activities if you don't supply them.

7. Siamese

Bengals are the most stolen cat breed due to their remarkable beauty. Despite its beauty, this bold and curious cat will want you to play.

8. Bengal