After Fight With Sibling, Tiny Puppy 'Sad'

A popular TikTok video of a sad puppy pouting after getting into a fight with its sibling has touched people all over the internet.

The two puppies, Sasha and Sammy, seem to be taken care of by the person who made the video. In the bio, she says that she is a dog foster mom.

Even though the dogs' breeds couldn't be told, the person who made the video confirmed that they are siblings and said in a voiceover that they had a little fight.

The person who made the video can be heard saying, "Yes, Sasha and Sammy did fight, and Sasha is just so sad, you guys. I almost cried."


The video shows that after the fight, Sasha was "sad." The puppy can be seen pouting on a chair in the corner of a room, far away from her brother Sammy.

The sad dog's foster mom gave her one of her sweaters to make her feel better. Sasha's mood seems to improve as she snuggles into the blue fabric and smells the scent of the person who made the video.

It has already been liked more than 406,000 times by people on TikTok. It looks lik e the dogs and their foster mom live in Houston, Texas.


Even though it's normal for dogs to play fight, especially with their real siblings, it can be hard to tell if your dog has crossed the line and is acting in a way that is clearly aggressive.

The American Kennel Club says that if your dog's body is stiff and the hairs on his back are standing up, it's likely that the fight he or she is in is not just for fun.

You can also tell if a dog is angry by how quickly and efficiently it moves or if it has flattened ears, a tucked-in tail, and is snarling or growling.

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